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Refreshing Rose!

Rosé Wine Season is Here!

We love Rosé, and today rosé wines are hot!  There is no shame in loving a wine that is pink!

There is no doubt that rosés are hot- There are a few reasons why those pink wines are so popular these days. First, they are versatile wines that match well with just about everything from seafood to grilled meats, salads, spicy sauces—even barbeque. Second, they have a very high quality to price ratio with most of them in the $10-20 range. Third, their refreshing quality makes them great summertime outdoor dining wines.

What exactly makes a wine rosé? Rosés are wines are made from red grape varietals.  There four different techniques in making rosé wines , and the best quality rosés are made by a technique called "bleeding".  In this technique, the juice to ferment the wine is obtained by stacking wine grapes in a tank and letting the grapes’ weight do the crushing. Since the juice is in contact with the grape skins only for a very short time, the rosé wine obtained through this technique have a very pale color, but are rich, fruity and have great freshness.

Another technique to make a rosé is called "pressing". Pressing is the technique of pressing the red grapes until the juice has the desired color. Once the desired color has been attained, the winemaker stops pressing. Only the pressed juice is used to make the rosé wine.

The third technique is also the most comman and is called, "limited maceration". Here the skins of the grapes are left in contact with the juice until the winemaker is happy with its color. The “wine” (or the juice) minus the skins is then transferred to another tank to finish the fermentation process.  The last winemaking technique is called "run off". This is where the winemaker removes juice from the tank of fermenting red wine; this juice is used to make the rosé wine.
But enough about the technical aspect of making rosé- The best part of a well made dry rosé is it is fresh and acidic, without extra sugar to mask its lovely flavors and aromas. 

Le Grand Noir Rosé 2015

85% Grenache, 15% Syrah. Intense aromas of raspberry, strawberry and redcurrant with a hint of pepper lead into a rich palate of bright red fruit and a peppery character. Dry with a hint of fruit-sweetness.

M&R Sale: $11.99

Rive Sud Pinot Noir Rosé 2016

Following pressing, this beauty undergoes a short fermentation at a cool temperature A fragrant nose of raspberries and cherries give way to a palate sustained by red fruits with a fresh finish. A perfect aperitif, ideal with tapas and a very good match with salads and barbecued meats on fresh rolls.

M&R Sale: $9.99

Amalthee Côtes du Provence Rosé 2016

A great blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah. Pinky salmon in color followed by a delicate nose of elegant perfumes and wild berries. The palate is refreshing with flavors of crushed strawberries, cherries and a hint of vanilla. A nice match with Thai dishes, sushi, shrimp cocktail and soft runny cheeses on a flax seed cracker.
M&R Sale: $14.99

Chateau Notre Dame du Quatourze Rosé 2015

Dry rosés are all the rage, and the fresh fruit flavors of Chateau Notre Dame has a place at your summer gathering. Bouquet of small and elegant berries, leads into a palate that features light strawberry and raspberry. flavors. A powerful approach, nice length with a final tangy note.
M&R Sale: $13.99

Delatour Grenache Rosé 2015

Soft and fruity with plenty of crushed strawberry and red jam flavors integrated with a little spice and ripe cherry vanilla. This gem can be enjoyed year round from the hot summer nights at the pool to the festive winter holiday table. A great match with fresh strawberries and soft, runny, brie.

M&R Sale: $9.99

Chateau Guichot Bordeaux Rosé Clairet 2014

In 2008, Karine and Sebastien Petit decided to acquire a 42 acre vineyard in the small village of Saint Antoine de Queyret. This property, Chateau Guichot, is dominated by a 17th century castle and is located in the cinter of the Entre Deux Mers region. This rosé "Bordeaux Clairet" is 100% Merlot with a charming, fresh fruity nose that leads into a palate packed full with fresh berry fruit and a lingering dry finish.

M&R Sale: $11.99

Bodegas Franco Espanolas Bordon Rosé 2015

A fresh rosé- Raspberry colored, with brilliant salmon-pink hues. In the glass aromas of raspberry and citrus jump into the palate which is fresh and tasty with a long finish.
M&R Sale: $9.99

Chateau Lamothe Bordeaux Rosé 2016

50% Cabernet Franc, 50% Cabernet Sauvignon. A very fresh rose with hints of redcurrants and cherries, followed by flavors of raspberries. It strikes the right balance of fruit, structure and roundness. Give it a slight chill and enjoy with spring rolls stuffed with crabmeat, Thai noodle dishes, baked halibut or as an aperitif with soft, runny cheeses.

M&R Sale: $12.99

Wild Pig Rosé 2016

 Crisp and clean, it's ready to drink. Fresh and lively bouquet, with fairly powerful aromas of citrus fruits. Frank, complex and seductive in the mouth, with fresh juiciness, light acidity and a cut of lemon at the end. A pleasure-filled, summertime rosé.

M&R Sale: $9.99

Terre Galets Rosé Côtes du Rhone 2016

Expressive nose of red fruits, citrus and rose petal. Savory and round on the palate with discernable cherry, grapefruit and watermelon notes. Very elegant.

M&R Sale: $9.99

Chateau Miraval Provence Rosé 2015

The 2015 Miraval is a gorgeous pale pink color with soft and shiny reflections. This crisp and precise 2015 has a lovely mineral freshness with delicate aromas of citrus, red fruits and white flowers. On the palate the terroir reveals a pretty balanced and elegant volume along with a very nice tension bringing length. The bouquet of aromas is persistent leading to a long lasting fruity finish with an undertone salty character.

M&R Sale: $23.99

Chateau Ribaute Rosé Corbieres 2015

Herbal tones of bay and rosemary are upfront on the nose of this copper-pink rosé, grounded by notes of small red berries, currants and watermelon rind. It's light and easy, with fleeting flavors and a quick close. Drink up.

M&R Sale: $12.99